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Don't worry, I can fly. Believe.

... if we should get separated, just whistle. i'll come running. i promise ...

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every moment, as long as you're mine;
i'll wake up my body, and make up for lost time.

Right now, Joci is:
★ having her life taken over by Doctor Who ≡ obsessed with HIM ☆ way into otome games ♫ playing every Final Fantasy she can get her hands on ≠ still a huge fan of Malice Mizer & Gackt ★ missing Kuroshitsuji ≡ a 1st cast Tenimyu fan ♫ having a weird thing for kuudere guys (especally megane sensei ones) ≠ anime crazy ☆ thinking too much about ZADR ≡ happy with her love of Twilight ♫ looking forward to Japan ☆ a BL connoisseur ≡ in love with Japan, Korea and Finland ♫ inspired by Yanagi Kotaroh ≠ loving cute things, especially Hello Kitty ★ never giving up fangirling, even if life gets in the way ≡ hardcore Fullmetal Alchemist fan ♫ listening to much Mumford & Sons ☆ never going to be "too old" for anime ★≡

Friends? :D
My LJ is completely friends only. Please comment if you add me? I don't like adding people back unless I know why they added me. Soooo add me and comment, I do love to make new friends. :3

FYI: I'm gay and I also love yaoi and yuri. And I do post about it quite a bit. Also I tend to love alot of controversial pairings. Please do not add me if you're homophobic. IMPORTANT NOTE: All my pairings are FICTIONAL and CONSENSUAL. I DO NOT support or endorse illegal activity of any kind in the real world, only situations explored in the realm of fictional writing or art.

Joci's layout is:
Final Fantasy X: Tidus x Yuna: [silver messages] which I made myself.

≠ ≡ ♫ ★ ☆

"The phrase 'real life' is often used to mean 'everything which can be relied upon to distract and disillusion any young person who still has hopes, ideals and ambitions'."

- Celia Green -

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